Rental storage rooms for you and your family

Forget about the lack of space in your home and find the storage room you need to store all your belongings.

Load and

unload zone

We have 8 outdoor load and unload parking spots for our customers.



Our storage rooms are protected against any incident.



A large variety of sizes that suits perfeclty to your needs.



Breathe easy! Air renewal turbine throughout the premises.


High security

storage rooms

We have the latest security measures. Recordings 24 hours a day, everyday.



Access your storage room whenever you want, all our accesses are automated.



Our content insurance protects you from any damage. Always included.



We are located in the old nightclub Factory. Next to the port and city center.

Breathe. Free up space.

Forget about the lack of space in your home. Earn all those meters that you need by renting a storage room, and keeping all those things that you do not want to get rid of and do not need in your day to day, and pick it up whenever you need it.


We solve the most frequent doubts. For any other, you can contact us.

Can I change the size of my storage room?

Once your storage room is rented, you can enlarge or reduce the size when you need it. You only have to notify our staff or contact us to initiate the change of contract.

What documentation do I need to contract?

You only need to bring us your DNI or NIE, account number and a list of the people authorized to enter your storage room. If you are a company, we also need your tax information to be able to issue your invoices.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes. We will charge you the equivalent of one month’s rent for the storage room without VAT, which we will return to you when you leave the center, as long as everything is in perfect condition.

What happens if all my things don't fit when I get to the storage room?

No problem! Once you arrive, you can always choose another storage room that is more suited to the content you have to deposit.

Do you have cleaning service?

Every day our cleaning staff ensures that the facilities are in perfect condition, clean and disinfected.